Claudia Triana's first flirtation with footwear design dates back to her teenage years in Bogotá, Colombia. With a passion for creation and an entrepreneurial spirit she began hand-making espadrilles to sell to her friends and family. She dreamed of one day being able to sell her products around the world, but knew that her handmade shoes would not be able to compete with large scale manufacturers.

Time went on and Claudia focused on other pursuits. Through graduating college, marrying her husband, having her three sons, and moving to Miami, Florida, however, her entrepreneurial spirit never waned. Her love of culture fueled Claudia's desire to show "her boys" the world and through her travels she drew the inspiration that would eventually shape her designs.

While she never tired of travel, she did over time become frustrated with what is a common dilemma when packing: "What shoes do I bring? I don't want to get blisters, do I pack for comfort or style?  Why do I have to choose?" So with "her boys" now turned to men she decided it was time to focus on the venture she had originally dreamed up as a teenager: shoes.